Mookie Betts is Due For a Massive Weekend…I Hope

The dust has settled on what was a fun and demoralizing (for the Yankees) ALDS and it’s time to move on. It’s weird not playing the Yankees in ALCS because Boston fans are trained to assume that if you get past them, you’re in the World Series.

With that being said, this ALCS against Houston is essentially the World Series. They’re more terrifying than anything the Sox have seen this season and will see going forward. The NL has been weak and, no offense to them, but offense intended, they suck. The winner of the ALCS will move on to win it all. That’s a fact.

How do the Red Sox put themselves in position to do that you ask? Mookie Betts.

Betts is Boston’s sweetheart and can really do no wrong. As much as it pains me to say, though, Betts hasn’t done much right in the playoffs in his career.

Definitely not what you want out of your AL MVP, and leadoff hitter, more specifically. It’s time for him to step up. Plain and simple, the Red Sox will need all hands on deck to take out the Astros. That’s even more true when you’re talking about one of the focal points in the lineup.

Uncharted territory, indeed, Mookie. As good as this team is, experience is invaluable and last season the Astros gained plenty of it. Luckily, so did the Sox rookie Manager Alex Cora who was notably the bench coach for Houston last season.

Cora played a massive part in dominating the Yankees as he managed circles around the inept Aaron “Bitch Boy” Boone. He will have to do the same with not only his playoff experience, but also his experience with the Houston roster. At the moment, it would seem the Sox know much more about the Astros than visa-versa because of Cora.

I’m more confident than expected going into this series following the offensive eruption less than a week ago. If Mookie begins to add to that offense, I don’t particularly give a shit about how good the Astros’ pitching is. It won’t matter if our all-stars live up to what they have been all season.

My final prediction is Mookie officially solidifies himself as a bonafide superstar in the regular season and playoffs. Mark my word, he knows how he’s played. Mookie isn’t one to collapse in the face of adversity, he thrives. And he will prove that this weekend.

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Feature Image via Boston Globe

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