Looks Like OBJ Wants To Play In Philly

Being a Giants fan is now worse than being a Browns fan. Welcome to 2018 people. The G-Men take a heartbreaking loss on a 63 yarder last week, four short days later they get their dicks kicked in by the Birds, 1 Trillion to 13 last night and now their second best player, OBJ wants to play for the Eagles.

That was right after the painful loss. Clearly a cry for help. The man is basically being held hostage against his will playing for that dumpster fire of a franchise. And I don’t want to hear Giants fans say he was mocking the Eagles fans. This was code for “Please help me! Eli has a Ramen Noodle arm which matches my hair but not my heart.”

The saddest part of all of this is we don’t want you OBJ. I’m sorry. You’re an actual crazy person. You talk to objects that can’t talk back, you don’t seem like the nicest fella and you dress and carry yourself like a lunatic.

Good luck to the Giants finding a QB that can throw a deep ball before OBJ is out of his prime. Nobody wants that $66 million guaranteed on their books for a guy that needs punter hugs.


PS. I actually hope someone save Barkley, he’s the real deal. AP jr and he deserves to play for a real squad.

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