Follow Friday: Cage Side Submissions

Happy Friday people. New to Branded Sports? Well welcome to Follow Friday, we give you a Twitter account you need to be follow ASAP. This week we are featuring a home town talent, Cage Side Submissions. Based out of Philadelphia they are providing you with top notch MMA content. Also Steve that runs it is a big time Eagles fan. Not saying we have a bias toward Philly fans but we 10000000000% have a bias towards Philly fans.

Their podcast gets some big name guests in the world of MMA.

After the McGregor Khabib fight MMA in back in the spotlight again. Making it the PERFECT time to hop on the Cage Side train. The sport is growing fast and has been for  some time now. Mainly because MMA fighters are the craziest, scariest and fittest athletes on earth. They get punched in the face for a living and just keep coming back for more.

Their show is highly entertaining and packed with awesome MMA talk. If you’re a fan of the sport it’s an absolute no brainer. So please go follow Cage Side Submissions on twitter and subcribe to their show. With new episodes every Sunday 8-10pm.

Enjoy your weekend!

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