Yesterday Afternoon Capped Off What Was an Extraordinary 48 Hours

It’s weeks like these where I really sit back and think about the charmed life I live here at Branded. I joined a group of incredible bloggers and personalities that will help take this site higher than the set of Cheech and Chong. Couldn’t ask for a better guy at the helm in CEO Joe and we have big things coming down the pipeline from Ru and myself as well as everyone else quickly spreading out and creating all sorts of exceptional content.

As great as everyone is here, this blog’s not about those losers (not you Joe). This blog is about me the stellar 48 hours I’ve just had.

First it was the Red Sox ripping out the throats of the Yankees, in New York, in ferocious fashion.

Then, Tuesday night, they wasted no time getting on top of the so called Bronx Bombers and pinned them into submission and, furthermore, into the off season.

At that point, I didn’t think it could get any better. I mean how could it? Your team sweeps both games in the Bronx, you prove that this team is special and superior to the Yankees and can now look forward to the Astros and the exciting Boston sports weekend ahead.

This weekend consists of a Bruins game, Patriots on Sunday Night Football and two Red Sox ALCS games. I’m getting all hot and bothered just thinking about it.

When you’re on cloud 9, you think it can’t get any better. But oh buddy it did.

The aforementioned head hauncho, CEO Joe, put out his Branded power rankings.

Some people would say “Joe how could you do that? It’s like picking favorite children. Joe, no why?” Well those people are dummies who don’t understand that you need checks and balances to continue to get better.

With that being said, I was number one. Not a brag, just a fact. I would never come on here to brag. I’m too humble for that. I mean I was nice enough to be one of the first people to check and see if Kevin was alive Tuesday morning after the Red Sox emasculated him.

The moral of the story is, I plan on continuing to do better and keep getting better. Just like the Patriots early in the season, I’m raw. A fresh face. But also like the Patriots, with a team as good as Branded, I know every little blemish I need to fix, or blunder I make, I will be told about. It will be clear if I lose my number one spot. Luckily I don’t plan on letting up much slack for my co-workers to dethrone me.

It’s a beautiful family here and couldn’t be happier to be where I am…Which is number one in the rankings if you didn’t see it.

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Feature Image via NY Post

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