Trailer For Brain Dawkins’ A Football Life And A little Trip Down Memory Lane

This Friday night @ 8pm on the NFL Network will spotlight Brain Dawkins. I’m not saying the trailer has me crying but my shirt is soaked yes.

Dawkins was a big emotional teddy bear off the field and on it he was an actual bear. Mauling people left and right and leaving no surviors. If he played in today’s NFL he might be outlawed and forced to hit up Vince McMahon to get a roster spot in the XFL. With the way the Bird’s secondary has been playing this year I’m pretty sure the now 44 year old Dawkins could be a starter. Might be time for Howie to right the wrongs of Banner 10 years ago.

Dust off that old 20 jersey and get in there Weapon X.

PS. If Jalen Mills ever pushed Dawkins on the field the way he did to Cox, he’d be floating in a river.

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