The Land Grant Trophy is Turrible

Behold! The ugliest trophy in Division I football. A trophy the winning team is forced to accept and carry off the field. THE LAND GRANT TROPHY!!

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What a cluster. It truly is a disaster of a trophy. It’s hard to describe, best I heard was from Chico Harlan of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Every year, Penn State or Michigan State — whichever team wins the contest, or perhaps whichever team has spare closet space in its football complex — earns possession of an asymmetrical stanchion called the Land-Grant Trophy, an eyesore award that basically looks like an oversized Rubik’s Cube after five minutes in the mouth of a rottweiler.

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When Penn State entered the Big Ten in 1993, Michigan State was designated as their rival game. Basically we were forced into a rivalry. The trophy was created by former Michigan State coach George Perles. Karma struck Perles, he’s been accused of covering up sexual abuse by Larry Nessar in 1992, as Athletic Director. Makes sense the trophy looks the way it does, his mind was else where. I bet his office had that type of wood shelving.

When the Big Ten was split into divisions, in 2011, we didn’t have to see the eyesore until 2014 when Maryland and Rutgers entered to Big Ten. So now, due to conference realignment, every year we are forced to see this monstrosity. Thanks a lot Maryland and Rutgers, ruining the Big Ten like always.

I can care less about this trophy, and the “rivalry” for that matter. If I had to redesign it, I’d take away the statues and put a massive crystal bowl on top. That way, the players can at least drink out of it. All I care about is getting a ‘W’ this Saturday and staying in the hunt for the Big Ten title (CFP isn’t happening).

P.S. Notice how I said Division I in the beginning? It’s because The Troll Trophy is horrifying…yikes!

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