Happy 45th Birthday To My Forever Hall Pass

Everyone in a committed relationship has heard of the term “hall pass.” It’s basically the one famous person that if ever given the opportunity to hook up with, your significant other couldn’t get mad or break up with you for it. It’s pretty much a 1 in a million chance that this would ever happen which is why it’s okay to think/dream/fantasize about. My fiancé’s hall pass is Mila Kunis and I am totally okay with it. She’s super hot and I would probably high-five him if he got a night with her.

Anyway, I have had the same celebrity crush since I was ten years old. Some others have snuck up to be a close second but my number one has never changed…ever. I get made fun of all the time by my fiancé and my friends because of who it is but I’m sticking to my guns on this one. I’ve been a 90s kid my entire life and my favorite show as a kid was “Saved by the Bell.” You’re probably thinking Zack Morris.NOPE!

My hall pass is and forever will be AC SLATER aka MARIO LOPEZ aka his dimples and muscles really do it for me. I actually got upset when I heard he was getting remarried years ago. His wife is beautiful though so good for him!

Today, October 10th is my hall passes 45th birthday. Yes – Mario Lopez is 45 today… and he still looks like THIS…

I know we have some female readers, so this one’s for you, ladies! Happy Birthday, Mario. Thanks for being apart of my first ever dirty dream when I was a teenager. Thanks for never letting yourself go like celebrities often do and always staying fit and beautiful and lastly, thanks for your sweet dance moves, cute dimples and for being the reason I own every single season of Saved By The Bell (including The College Years) on DVD.

If you’re ever in New York, gimme a call.

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