Branded Sports Blogger Power Rankings

It’s time for the first edition of the Branded Sports Blogger Power Rankings. You might be thinking, what type of CEO/Founder/Captain of the spaceship heading to Jupiter would openly rank his employees? Me. I am that man. Blogging is a dirty game that isn’t for the faint of heart. So I give you my top 5 blogger power rankings.

**Please note that these rankings change in my mind by the minute. A single tweet can move them up, down or even out of the top 5. My affection is like the ending of an M. Night Shyamalan movie. Unpredictable and full of twists and turns**



dubs.png Dubs: It’s no secret Dubs is my favorite blogger at Branded Sports. He puts out high quality content and he trashes K Mess at every opportunity. Also he is single handily taking our Podcast Network to the next level.


ru Ru: The only thing more unpredictable than my affection is anything Ru does. Every time I see a Ru blog in drafts I take a deep breath and pray. Dude has also set up our YouTube channel and put together a pair of videos that are crushing.  He might be an asshole, but he’s our asshole.


kmess KMess: Have you seen the High Class Minute yet? It is my new favorite thing on the internet. Also he’s been my right hand man from the jump. And The Weekend Rundown is a staple. The only reason he isn’t 2 is because of Ru’s State of The Union blog. But he’s a Cowboys and Yankees fan. He is used to not being in 1st.


ali Ali: New to the squad but easily our best blogger. If you ask some of our readers they will tell you Ru can’t read at all but Ali reads and writes real good. Also I told our team we don’t need new weekend blogs but Ali blogs on weekends anyway. She has  changed my mind on weekend blogs. So blame her.


murt  Murt: Her man bait articles are probably the most successful series running here. Also she came out of the clouds yesterday to defend Branded’s honor from those same trolls saying Ru is brain damaged (he might be) and we are trash (we might be). Also she has taken over the IG account. Go follow @TheBrandedSports

So there you have it. My current top 5 blogger power rankings. I will  update this biweekly as these scumbags move in and out of the top 5. Also if you are a BS Blogger and you aren’t on this list it doesn’t mean I hate you, it means I could like you a lot more. See folks, that’s how motivation is done. Take notes.

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