We all now know why Mitchell Trubisky went off with 6 TDs and 354 yards last week…it’s because of what has become to be known as “Da Sleeve.”

10 God was asked by a reporter today why he wore a “neoprene sleeve” against the Bucs this past Sunday. In Week 3, Trubisky had a cut on his right arm that opened up against the Arizona Cardinals. He didn’t want the cut to open back up against Tampa, so he threw on Da Sleeve for protection.

To be honest, I didn’t even realize he had Da Sleeve on while I was watching the game. But apparently, its Tru’s newest superstition – and I’m all for it. He also said he received threats that he had to wear it again and that it gives him some swag – as if he needed anymore, but I digress.

Sure, #10 is talented, fast and has a huge arm. But Da Sleeve clearly had some magic shit going on.

Combine Da Sleeve and Da Orange Jerseys? Maybe Pretty Boy Assassin will chuck 12 touchdowns against the Dolphins. We shall see…

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Featured Image: Edited Photo from NBC Sports


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