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SUYA Twitter

Has someone hurt your feelings lately on twitter? Have they said something that pissed you off? Are you frothing at the mouth to flip shit about your political beliefs on some unsuspecting tweeter? Are you accusing everyone and their mother of being a “libtard” or “Maga Nut”? I have the app for you. Stick Up Your Ass Twitter will put you with all the likeminded people you’re interested in sucking you off day after day. You’ll only see the tweets that will give you the confirmation bias you’re looking for. If someone says something you don’t like we will give you their address and employment information so you can go nuts on this putz. Download SUYA Twitter today in the google play and Apple App Stores. ***

***Doesnt actually exist yet but it will. Not a paid billboard.


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Sports Journalist with an eye on being a sports talk radio host

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