Ru’s Take On Rainbow Kisses

I am what is known as a connoisseur.  My lady and I do some of the most bizarre role plays, most bizarre positions and I eat ass.  Let me tell you folks there’s been times where I had fingers inserted in things and fingers inserted in me and I didn’t know where she ended and I begun.  Thing’s get crazy in Ru’s household and they’ve been getting crazy in my life since the first time I had a sexual encounter in the backseat of my moms Hyundai at a train station with a tall volleyball player named Mary Kate.  Since then I’ve done some unspeakable things but let me tell you what I have never done…

I have never and will never eat anybody gash during their period.  Not going to do it, never going to happen.  I’ll eat ass after Chipotle, I’ll let you smother me with your thighs until i pass out but I will not! I repeat will NOT! Lick your red wagon when it’s seeping blood.  Not my style today, not my style tomorrow never gonna be my style.  This headline from pinknews is just stupid..


I mean did they say, “Hey Deb we need a good pic can you eat Jen’s fur burger real quick and get the blood really all over your face.  First of all I have a problem with that.  Nobody eats porridge like that getting there cheeks all in there.  You use your tongue.  You give nice up and down motions, side to side using the flat side not the point, don’t stab.  You dont go in there like the god damn cookie muffster

Image result for cookie monster gif

But maybe lesbians do it different?  I don’t know, I’m all man.  Anyway in no case ever should you be licking anyone’s spasm chasm with blood inside it.  Just dont do it no matter what.  I hope you learned a lesson from good old Daddy Ru folks.  Have a good day.

PS: It’s ok to fuck on periods.

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October 13, 2018 12:01 pm

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