Michael Thomas and Josh Norman Got Into A Twitter Battle After Last Night’s Game; Also Peyton’s Congrats Video

Last night the Redskins and Josh Norman got worked. To the tune of 43-19 and it didn’t even feel that close. The heart warming moment of the night was when America’s sweetheart, Drew Brees passsed Peyton Manning for All-Time passing yards in NFL history. Peyton put together the best congratulations video ever done.


All joking aside I think Peyton Manning maybe the greatest actor of our generation. Look at some of his past work.

Tommy Hanks and Bobby De Niro don’t have the acting chaps that 18 puts on display effortlessly. Dude has it all. A billion dollar arm, full range acting repertoire and all that pizza money (or dough if you will.)

Back to the game last night. Josh Norman got cooked and was benched. Michael Thomas, like all of us, noticed that and he went in on him via twitter.

The bottom line here is Josh Norman got benched and his team got destroyed. Just humbly act like you didn’t see his tweet and move on. Not much to say back to a guy that helped hand your team a MNF butt whooping.

PS. No matter what the stats were I hate the Redskins so I was going to back Thomas until the end. Norman could have had 3 picks, a touchdown and allowed no catches and I wasn’t going to let that factor into my blog. But he didn’t anyway. He was benched. Josh Norman got benched on national TV.

Featured Image: NFL.com

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