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Confirmed: Best Tag Team Match of All Time.

November 2nd.  Saudi Arabia.  It’s.  About. To. Go. DOWN.

Nope, it’s not 2003. It’s 2018, and this match is going to be LIT!!!

DX, aka Triple H & Shawn Michaels will be facing The Brothers of Destruction, aka Kane & The Undertaker on November 2nd in Saudi Arabia.

I think Triple H is still in the WWE, so it’s no surprise to see him here.  However, Kane is currently the Mayor of Knox County, TN, so it’s pretty exciting to see him step out of the office to re-visit the ring.  I’m also pretty sure Shawn Michaels and Undertaker live in the same nursing home, so it’s nice of the staff to let them leave for this epic match.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched WWE since I got in trouble at school for drawing nipples on Sable and a dick on Chyna in my wrestling magazine in 5th grade.  My mom said I wasn’t allowed to watch it anymore after that stunt.  Fair.  Can’t blame her for that.  Although, my dad was proud.

Even though it’s been nearly two decades since I watched wrestling, this upcoming match brings me right back to age 10.  These dudes were killing it back then.  I don’t know how they’re still walking, let alone wrestling.  Either way, I actually might watch this.  Pump these dudes full of Vicodin and get them out there for our entertainment!!



On paper, Kane & Undertaker should smash Triple H & Shawn Michaels.  They are like three times the size of them and could choke slam either of them straight to to hell whenever they wanted.

That being said, Triple H and Shawn Michaels  are waaayyy too good to lose.  HBK will hit them with a little Sweet Chin Music and then Triple H will pick up their lifeless bodies and Pedigree their sorry faces to oblivion.

DX for the win!  LFGGGGG!!


Featured Photo – @WWE Twitter


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