Brock Holt Becomes The First Player In MLB History to Hit for the Cycle in the Playoffs

If you went into Monday’s game 3 in New York thinking that Brock Holt was going to have a great game I may have thought you had a screw loose. Get a hit, sure. Even have a small impact, maybe. But not a great game.

Well boy do I look like a big dumb idiot for thinking this way and doubting Holt or Cora’s decision to plop him in the lineup. Holt wasn’t just great, he made baseball history.

Hug it out Brock and give me the most aggressive hip thrust the world has ever seen!

To put Holt’s cycle into perspective, the first ever cycle recorded in the MLB was in 1882. It took 136 fucking years for a player to hit for a cycle in the playoffs. That’s an unfathomable number of years. Apparently it ain’t shit to Brock Holt though and I couldn’t more elated because of it.

What an accomplishment, what a night, what a team.

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Feature Image via Washington Times

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