Birds Studs and Duds – Vikings Game

Yesterday left me feeling like shit. I’m pissed off and you should be too. Stop this, “WE ARE WORLD CHAMPS” shit now ok? You sound like fucking Cowboy’s fans. We haven’t won shit. Anyone else feel like the ghosts of Chip Kelly and Billy Davis have possessed our two fearless leaders the past 5 weeks? Someone go get the holy water.


5. Ronald Darby/ Sidney Jones – Darby Bro, I love how you hurt yourself making the first legitimate hit of your career. The legendary corners of the Philadelphia Eagles all simultaneously laughed their asses off at how big of a pussy you are. Hit the weight room fella. Sidney stop getting burned bruh, you’re better than that.

4. Jay Ajayi – I feel bad putting him on here but shit man he’s playing with “A Broken Back”. Jay, you can complain we don’t run enough when you’re not fumbling the fucking football pal.

3. The Entire Offensive Line – These Asshole’s keep letting Wentz get killed. Jason Peters no longer deserves to be one of the highest paid Birds. Hey Howie, let’s draft some O Linemen ok pal????

2. Wide Receiving Corps – Again I repeat: I predicted this. I said we don’t want JMatt back because it fucks up the entire flow of our receivers. Nelson Agholor went from All World Wide Receiver to fucking Harry Houdini with his Disappearing Act. Missing Person Posters will be going up next week if he disappears again.

1. Jalen Mills – Last week I was pissed your sad sack ass would clap after you got burned and the guy dropped it and you clapped. This week dude you get burned for 60 and you’re clapping about defending the goal line? Cmon bro you look the fool. Adam Thielen OWNED YOU for over 100 yards.

STUDSThere’s not many. I think we all can see that.

3. Malcom Jenkins – He can catch now? Damn Malcom Jenkins really will go down as the best Post Dawkins Safety the Philadelphia Eagles will ever employ.

2. Brandon Graham The man continues to play his ass off without a contract extension. Hey Howie, pay him.

1. Carson Wentz – The kid is working himself into game shape rather well. There’s flashes of the old Carson and you can quite literally see the rust falling off of him. Interesting piece I saw on twitter today:

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