This Week I Play “Murt” In The Branded Sports Fantasy League And We Are Putting Major Things On The Line, Possibly Nudes?

This week I play our very own Meagan (with an A) in fantasy football.  We are putting some major things on the line for this match up.  First of all, no there are no nudes on the line.  I won’t be sending her any, I know you guys are mad about that because of my rock hard bod, but my girlfriend is pretty sensitive about me showing broads the old humpback whale if you know what I’m saying.

Second, yes I put nudes because I know you guys would think maybe there will be some risky pics of Meagan in here and I am a whore for the clicks baby!! Nobody knows how to create clickbait like Big Daddy Ru.  Anyway there will be thing’s put on the line here.  Things that will shake people down to their core, ruin lives, relationships and possibly innocent children.

Now you know I’m being serious when I write a blog including a woman.  I’ve only written one other blog with a woman involved that wasnt about her body, it was because I was threatened by her brain, which is a novel concept in 2018 to think woman can do more than flash ass, pish posh!  Anyway, while I am not at all threatened by Meagan’s brain, not to say she isn’t smart.  She is very smart, she has great fashion sense too.  The reason I am not threatened by her brain is because I am just to damn smart.  I know more than everyone and I always will.  I always get angry when people disagree with me because I am always right.  At time’s in life I have been wrong but I always manage to spin it to where I am right.  It’s like an evil power I can just argue until you give up or kill yourself.  Anyway back to the task at hand, what is on the line?

If Meagan win’s I am going to give her my child, who will be born next week.  Just putting all my chips on the table as I will also be giving up my girlfriend, however WHEN I win, I will be taking Meagan’s engagement ring and using it to give to my girlfriend to marry me and Meagan will have to come live with us and walk my dog 6 times a day and serve us food like a butler, she will sleep as Michael Scott did in the dinner party episode

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 12.11.57 PM

That’s the bet, that is what will happen.  Now I know I’m not going to lose because I have needed a dog walker cook slave for years.  Best of luck this weekend, “Meagan” with an A, you’ll need it.

God Bless (Unless you’re Meag)

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