The Branded Hour: Millers Ale House, Willow Grove PA

Welcome to another Friday edition of… The Branded Hour. Where we are in search of “The Perfect 30” We are doing some very hard research to give you the top notch grades of the best Happy Hour’s around. (Remember if there’s one thing here at Branded Sports that we know besides sports, it’s Bars.)

Last week Brick & Brew, Media PA received a 28.9 out of 30.

This week’s spotlight review is:

Image – Twitter MillersAleHouse

Name: Miller’s Ale ahouse.

Location: Willow Grove, PA


Phone: 215-657-0515

Twitter: @MillersAleHouse

Facebook: Miller’s Ale House

There are Miller’s Ale House all around the country. FL, GA, NY, NJ, PA, VA, NV, IL, MA, MD, OH and DE. Today’s Branded Hour is focusing on the Miller’s Ale House in Willow Grove PA.

First… I love their slogan. “A Casual restaurant where you can hang out, watch sports, be yourself & enjoy great food without breaking the bank.”

Ok, that’s heaven right?

I have been to Miller’s Ale House in Willow Grove many times, and every time… I have had fun. I have watched sports. I have had great food and cold beers and… My wallet didn’t hate me.

It is one of the best places to watch sports in the area, hands down. I went with CEO Joe for the Sunday of the Masters and it was glorious. There are TV’s everywhere you look. Golf on one, baseball on another…

You go during a football Sunday… You won’t miss a minute of action.

There is a huge wrap around bar inside right when you walk in. High top long tables on one side of the bar and booth seating all around if you feel like being cozy. There is not one seat where you won’t see a TV.

Image – TripAdvisor

Then there is a second bar, outside but enclosed under cover. If you can imagine… MORE TV’s and a ton of room to sit or stand and enjoy all of the games.

Now… The food and drinks. Miller’s covers both with flying colors. They have about a thousand beers on tap and even more in bottles. If you love a beer, chances are they have it. Check out their website for them all.

Cocktails are also a specialty. Painkiller.. Got it. How about a Grey Goose Mule or a Strawberry Mule.. You can keep kickstart your Sunday Brunch with a Mary Meister… It’s a Bloody Mary and Jager instead of Vodka… Uh, yeah. Told you, they have it all.

The food is amazing. Whether you are going to Happy Hour, Sunday Football Funday or a sit down mean, you are good to go! Their “Zingers” are a must for every occasion.

Image – TripAdvisor

I also suggest their southwest chicken egg rolls, warm Bavarian pretzel and fully loaded cheese fries for apps! Check out their full menu Here.

GRADES (All out of 30)

Alcohol: Ok, so they have almost every beer imaginable. They have a crazy amount of cocktails. The beer is always ice cold, and they have great prices.. Score: 9.8

Food: Again, the food is bangin and the prices are legit. You can hang there all day for football and hit app after app and be happy or sit down for a full meal and be full. Score: 9.5

Atmosphere: Did I mention they have TV’s? Perfect place for Sunday Football Funday. Watch every game and be surrounded by people having a great time and awesome bartenders and staff! Score: 9.8

Bonus: They have different awesome specials every day. Check them out here.

Overall Score: 29.1 out of 30. FAN-TASTIC SCORE!

If you are in the Willow Grove area it is a must. If not… Check if there is a Miller’s Ale House around you, remember they are all over!

You won’t be disappointed!

Drink responsibly #ForTheBrand

Let us know when you try one of our featured Happy Hours, give us your own score!

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-Kevin “That Guy”

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Feature Image – TripAdvisor

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[…] The Branded Hour: Miller’s Ale House, Willow Grove […]


[…] Miller’s Ale House, Willow Grove […]