I Was Wrong, I’m Now On Team Gritty

I have to admit, when Gritty first came out I was very anti Gritty.  I hated everything about him.  I said things like…

“This is what franchises do to distract you from the decades of no winning”

“Stanley Cup winners don’t do this”

“If Melissa McCarthy was a mascot”

“This fucking stinks out loud”

“This stinks on ice”

“This stinks”


Clearly was not a big fan of Gritty at first, but now I’ve changed my mind.  I am fully on Gritty.  In fact I pity those who don’t love Gritty.  He is so bad, so ugly, so dumb that he is likeable.  I don’t know how but everyday he has changed my opinion and my mind.  Most of all he has changed my heart.  I hope Gritty can forgive me, I hope he can let go of the hate I had for him and the disdain my heart-felt, because now I love Gritty and I think he’s pretty.

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