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I Cant Stop Looking At 1999 Dave Portnoy

Yesterday NESN tweeted out a video of some Red Sox fans before the 1999 ALCS

And I have watched it 100 times.  I can’t get over Dave in this video.  Davey Soulpatch, he looks nothing like the suave millionaire we know today.  He looks like a typical Red Sox fan Masshole.  What else can you really say about it.  Watching this video I say to myself, not a chance this guy in the soul patch becomes a multi-millionaire in charge of the hottest media company on the internet.  However, he did.  Shocking.  It is just shocking.  If this guy can make it…

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 10.24.44 PM.png

We all can make it.  Have a great weekend folks.

God Bless.




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Let me wobble back to my corner, Joe Pa knew.

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