Are you still waking up with Today or Good Morning America? Are you bored with it? Probably. Are you a football fan? Of course you are.

Don’t you want to mix your “Good Morning” wake up show and football??


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Good Morning Football on NFL Network. If you don’t already know about GMFB you are living under a rock… But that’s ok, now you are going to be educated.

Network: NFL Network

Days: Monday through Friday (also Sat)

Time: 7AM Daily. (9AM Sat)

Hosts: Kay Adams, Kyle Brandt, Peter Schrager, Nate Burlelson

Location: New York City

First Episode: August 1, 2016

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Lets talk about the hosts first, because they are what make the show what it is. I’m being serious when I say they are my favorite group of hosts on TV. No, not just in football but… On TV.

They are funny, they are smart, they have unbelievable chemistry with each other and don’t hesitate to make fun of one another. On top of all of that, they are all great interviewers as well as football educators.

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They are also all must follows on Twitter:

GMFB: @gmfb

Kay Adams: @heykayadams

Kyle Brandt: @KyleBrandt

Peter: Schrager: @PSchrags

Nate Burleson: @Nate13Burleson

Kay Adams:

She is from Chicago and is a big Bears fan. She can speak fluent Polish and actually called a Gronk TD in Polish. Used to announce home St. Louis Cardinals Games. Don’t get it twisted, she’s not just a “pretty face” she knows her football! Real and fantasy!

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Kyle Brandt:

He is legit every guys guy! A guy you want to have a beer with. A guy you want to watch games with on Sunday. He can generate a fantasy football name in 2 seconds and has some of the best t-shirts in the game. Kyle is a rising star and also now has his own show on NFL Network and basically willed the Eagles to their Super Bowl win last season.

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Peter Schrager:

He has a ridiculous amount of football knowledge. On top of being a great on air personality for GMFB, Peter is also a phenomenal writer for I don’t take “advice” or predictions from just anyone when it’s comes to football… But I do from Schrager. Also… Hilarious!

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Nate Burleson:

Ok, I’m serious when I say Nate is my favorite player turned TV analysts. If you somehow don’t know, Nate was a stud WR in the NFL and flourished with the Lions. He is smart, funny and knows the game like the back of his hand. When he is breaking down anything football… I’m all ears. And his style… Straight Fire.

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The show gets the biggest stars in the game. Like DeAndre Hopkins.

Do you have fantasy questions? Tweet them and you may see your question being answered live on GMFB.

Who doesn’t love End Zone celebrations? We all do! And Nate breaks down the Best each week.

Power Rankings… We all LOVE Power Rankings!

See what I mean… Schrager drops knowledge!

Kyle Brandt even takes us back in time to “Clippy”

Once you watch this show once you will be hooked. You will wake up to watch it, and DVR it for later when you leave for work. The team just meshes together so well you feel like you are a part of it. Get ready to laugh, get ready to learn get ready to have fun!

The show also provides the best NFL updates from Will Selva as well. Will is informative and extremely witty! Another must follow on Twitter.. @WillSelvaTV

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Oh yeah… Don’t forget to catch the weekend crew too! The Saturday shows are great with the likes of Colleen Wolfe, Mike Garafolo, Reggie Bush, Steve Smith and Mike Rob.

Another fantastic crew that you will enjoy waking up to on a Saturday morning!

I say the Cowboys!

Make sure you watch. Make sure you get involved with the show, use the hashtag #GMFB

And never end your week without..

Enjoy and happy Football!

-Kevin “That Guy”

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