Follow Friday: Greenie

Follow Friday time. This week we are featuring @StoolGreenie, he is an NBA and Celtics blogger for Barstool. Greenie was recently hired by Barstool and it was a strong pick up. I’ve been following him for some time and he has always created great twitter content.

If you are new to NBA Twitter, it’s the Wild West of the internet. Fans of NBA teams talk crazy shit on twitter. And if it is a twitter war zone that would make Greenie General Patton of the Celtics twitter army. Leading his troops with gifs and witty banter.

As a Sixers fan it takes a lot to shout out a Celtics fan and Sixers basher but he’s that entertaining. So get on twitter and follow @stoolgreenie before the NBA season really kicks off. Also this isn’t the worst shirt either, might be a good purchase to all our Boston readers.

Happy Friday people

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