Feed Me Yankee Fan’s Tears

I am ready for battle. Since the Red Sox are so much better than everyone, it feels like we’ve been waiting a century for the Sox to finally get to this point. Now we’re here with a thirst for Yankee blood.

Give it to me. Feed me Kmess and every other Yankee fan’s tears as Chris Sale rips off his pants and cock slaps every last one of the Yankee’s batters Friday night. I want to see that patented ‘I give up’ Yankee defense as they crawl their way back to the Bronx after this weekend.

The Yankees counter-punch to Sale is some guy named Happ. If that name sounds familiar, let me jog your memory.

In the end of the day, it’s really simple. This Red Sox team is special and this Yankees team is not. That’s it.

The Yankees have done nothing this year to prove to the world that they are anything more than a good baseball team. The Sox have proved time and time again this group is not like most.

Yankee fans think they’re coming in with the upper hand for whatever reason. They aren’t. That will be abundantly clear tonight.

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