Happy National Vodka Day!

Is there a better day to be “National Vodka Day” than… Thirsty Thursday? NOPE.

Vodka is like a great utility player in baseball… It is so versatile. You can drink it alone, mix it with almost anything and drink it any time of the day.

You want something refreshing? Vodka’s got you covered.

You want something strong? Vodka’s got you covered.

Vodka is so versatile you can even get it in about a billion different flavors.

I’m going to give you my Top 5 Vodkas Followed by some fantastic Vodka drinks.

5. Cucumber Vodka: This is a newer discovery. Very refreshing! Great with water or club soda! I would suggest Effiin or Kettle One.

Image – Pintrest

4. Grey Goose. It’s French, so don’t love that but it’s a good smooth vodka. On the more expensive side, but not crazy!

Image – applejack

3. Stoli O. Who doesn’t like orange flavor? If you don’t your crazy. Stoli O can be mixed with almost anything… Even Red Bull, give your “Red Bull Vodka” a nice twist!

Image – Crown Wine

2. Double Cross. Not everyone knows Double Cross, but it’s amazing. Smooth and delicious! Not to mention it has the best looking bottle in the Vodka Game. Could easily be number one!

Image – Double Cross

1. Tito’s. You can’t beat Tito’s… You really can’t. It’s smooth, it’s light and it’s high proof. Add in the amazing price and IT’S AMERICAN… Boom, done deal… Number One!

Image – Applejack

Here are some of my favorite vodka drinks!

The John Daly.

It’s the Drunken Arnold Palmer. Very simple but quiet delicious. Just add your favorite vodka (I suggest Tito’s) to a mixture of Iced Tea and Lemonade.

The Mikey.

I was introduced to this one by my soon to be brother in law. (Named after him) It is… Stoli O, club soda and a splash of orange juice. It’s good for any time of the year and any kind of drinking occasion. (Wanna get crazy… add Red Bull.)

The Man-Mosa.

Start with Stoli O. Add Champagne or Prosecco. Add Blue Moon or Alagash White Beer. Add Orange Juice. Throw an orange wedge in there and… You’re Welcome. Perfect for Sunday Brunch. (Parts per is totally up to you, but use a full beer!)

The “Healthy”

This one may sound boring, but trust me on this… This drink is perfect for getting you drunk, but also good for sustainable drinking and not causing a hangover. Vodka.. Water. You can use any kind of Vodka you want, even a flavored one if you are feeling crazy. Throw in a lime or an orange and you are on your way to drinking and staying hydrated!

The Wife.

I call it that because… Well it’s what my wife drinks. I am am not a fan but too many people around me love it… The dirty martini. Again, Tito’s suggested, and how dirty you want it is completely up to you.

The Game Changer.

The Espresso Martini. It’s amazing. It will wake you up and get you drunk. There are many ways to make it but ours is the simplest and the best. Use one cup of real espresso. Vanilla Vodka and Kahlua. It’s high class and delicious.

I could go on and on, but those are some of the best. Go out and enjoy a nice Vodka drink tonight to celebrate.

Make sure you drink responsibly #ForTheBrand.

-Kevin “That Vodka Guy”

Feature Image – Delish

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