MLB Needs To Make An Exception For Red Sox Yankees

Last night the Yankees kicked the shit out of the A’s 7-2 to advance to the ALDS. That means they are ready to match up with their bitter rivals those Boston Red Sox.

Red Sox Yankees is my absolute favorite matchup in sports that doesn’t involve a Philadelphia sports team. The amount of big moments in their rivalry is staggering. Pedro vs Zimmer, Yankees fans chanting “Who’s your daddy?”, Jason Varitek vs. Alex Rodriguez, Dave Roberts’ steal, the bloody sock game, basically every game of that ’04 series, Aaron Boone’s homer and of course David Ortiz ripping the hearts out of New York fans in back to back games.

That’s just what I can remember and I’m an outsider looking in. A real fan of these teams could probably go on and on like Jimmy Fallon in Fever Pitch. (Side note, Fever Pitch maybe the best Rom Com of all time. A must watch when it’s on TV.) So with all that being said it’s time for the MLB to do the right thing and make this a best of 7 series.

The Divisional Series being a best of 5 is ridiculous to begin with. 162 game season, only 4 real playoff spots in each league and the first series is only 5 games? Gross. If this series goes to game 5 fans are going to be begging for two more. No one cares about Cleveland or Houston. We just don’t. “But Houston won…..” They are just white noise. Give us more New York and Boston. Make it a best of 11 or 15 or 33. I don’t care, just more than 5. I’ve done the math MLB, more games equals more money. That’s economics 101. Give the people what they want.

PS if you haven’t bought a Red Sox shirt, it’s about time.


PPS Average game time for this series is going to be no less than 5 and half hours, book it

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