1,300 Indian Men Turn Cruise Into Absolute Banger

Jay Rogét

A Royal Caribbean cruise is offering refunds to passengers of a cruise ship that turned into a wild floating rave due to 1,300 men gong absolutely HAM on the open seas.


I don’t know about you, but if this happened on my cruise, I would be HYPE.  I wouldn’t be asking for a refund, I would be asking who I could pay more for this gigantic week-long party.

Let’s take a little stroll down memory lane, why don’t we?

Picture this:  you’re 17 years old, you’re on a cruise ship with your parents and your annoying little sister.  You spend your first day doing the water slides and shit because your parents made you go with your little sister.  That evening, you had dinner and your parents got into an argument in front of you because dad wanted to gamble and your mom wanted to go see the string quartet play on the main deck.  You go to sleep pissed of, and pray that the rest of your cruise will be way more fun.

You wake up the next morning, and the whole ship is fucking LIT.  You leave your room and there’s 1,300 Indian dudes dancing with a bunch of half naked chicks, Avicii blasting (RIP, Tim), and they are all ripping hookas and popping bottles.  Your entire trip has been fucking made!  You immediately leave your parents and lame-ass sister in the room, and you disappear for the next 5 days and go on an absolute bender with 1,300 of your closest friends.

Now THAT sounds like a dope cruise.

Featured Photo – vivalifestyleandtravel.com

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