NHL Starts tonight. The Best Hockey… Fights!

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It’s hockey season baby. You know what that means…

Pinstripe suits and slick back hair of course!

Image – Articlebio

Oh, and fights. Lots and lots of fights. Because besides these dudes being unbelievable athletes they are also some of the toughest sons of bitches alive!

The Dancing Bear!

Glass vs Lucic!

“Yeah here we Go! 6’9 vs 6’7

Players AND Fans Brawling!

Awesome Fight Collaboration

Best of the Best (or worst of the worst)

Nothing but… KNOCKOUTS!

I mean look at the joy on this kid’s face..

Image – fightland


Image – businessinsider

Brothers Fight Together!”

Image – precon


Image – pattisonave

Enjoy the season everyone… Fight on!

Feature Image – NESN


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