I’m Going to Lexington Kentucky this Weekend

The wife and I will be hopping in the Jeep Thursday and heading for the Bluegrass State. We’ll be visiting her college roomie who lives in Lexington. Quite frankly, I’m excited to visit a big basketball football town like Lexington. I’ve heard University of Kentucky is a good time and I’m looking forward to trying all the Bourbon I can get my hands on. I’m a big bourbon fan, so this place is in my wheelhouse. What I’m not looking forward to, the drive.

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Add in some stops, we’re looking at about 10-11 hour drive. Have no fear, my wife bought a People Magazine ‘Puzzler’ Book. So a majority of the time, I have to remember who played what in a movie I don’t recall watching.

Our time in Kentucky will include a day trip to Louisville. There, we’ll be visiting the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum.


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Besides Cooperstown, this has been on my list for a long time. I miss playing baseball, out of all the sports I played, I enjoyed baseball the most. Taking a tour of Louisville Slugger will be great. I’m a big history buff, so I’m looking forward to reading everything (and annoying my wife because I’m reading it all) in the museum. I’ll get to learn about the history of major leaguer’s tools of trade. The factory tour will be awesome, you can see them actually branding the bats while passing.

For me, Saturday holds another bucket list check off. We’ll be visiting Marker Mark Distillery in Loretto. Besides taking a tour, I get to dip my own bottle in the wax!



They better keep an eye on me. I plan on going balls deep in that wax. Along the way, we’ll be hitting other craft distilleries. If I’m going to be in the heart of Bourbon Trail, you better believe I’m trying all the Bourbon Kentucky can give me. Of course, microbreweries will also be explored.



After a well deserved nap, Saturday night will be spent in downtown Lexington. The undefeated Kentucky Wildcats will be facing off against Texas A&M. Unfortunately for us, the game is at College Station. Not a big deal really, I’m sure the bars will be rocking. Hopefully the Wildcats win and we can celebrate with the locals. Cats by 90.

Rough and Rowdy will be in Lexington this weekend. I’m pushing my wife for us to attend this glorious hand to hand combat event. I’m not getting much progress, but I’ll keep trying. IF not, then I hope to attend the after party.

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