Branded Sports State Of The Union: Ru Edition

Hello to all of our great readers, loyal followers, and probably a failed Philly area podcasts who hate clicks on everything I write.  I decided to give a state of the union on Branded Sports but my style.  No there has not been a state of the union from CEO Joe, however even though I know Joe trusts me and gives me 100% free rein to do as I please.  He would never allow me to speak for the company without some kind of disclaimer.  The main reason being I am to much of a liability.  I have put us at risk of twitter suspension, lawsuits, and the grammar police have come for us because of my doing. With all of that being said, make no mistake, I am speaking for the company, despite the fact that I am not speaking for the company officially.  But remember, I still am.

Branded Sports is taking off.  We are a rocket ship looking to fly well beyond the moon.  Nothing has stopped us nothing will stop us and we will keep on flying high.  We have been up and running since July 9th and have had some insane growth.  We have been mentioned on “The Morning Men” a radio show on Sirius XM.  KFC Radio a staple of Barstool Sports, constant coverage on the Busted Coverage website.  We have interviewed 97.5 personalities, Barstool personalities and have even featured Philly legends granddaughters as our instagram girl of the day.  Some small, some big all in the idea of growing and gaining power and success.  Love us or hate us you have to now deal with us.  We have men in Chicago, men in Boston, even a super talented and funny Pats, Lakers, Yankees fan from Boston who worked for Barstool. She is also a girl, so look at us being progressive.  There’s even a smart talented female from the Philly area now living in the New York area.  That’s TWO girl’s folks! TWO!  I am proud of what we have done and where we are going.  Are we perfect? No, except for me.  We are never going to be perfect, again except for me.  However, I do promise you we will strive for greatness in way’s Lebron James has wet dreams about.

I do want to thank someone though.  I want to thank all of you.  You reading this right now.  You have stuck by us in the beginning and have read some great blogs, some boring blogs and some clickbait blogs.  You’ve read them all.  In 10-12 years when this small blog that began in the Philly area is expanded nationwide, you’ll be able to sit here and say, “I remember them before, I’m an OG”.  That is the kind of thing that gets me going.  Get’s the meter moving.  I love that!  We are not where we are without you.  Without you the drive to success dies in our first week.  Without you there’s no reason for me to be up at 5am right now writing this just to say, thanks.  You are the life blood of Branded Sports and never forget that.  I from the bottom of my heart want to thank you.  The fuel to our rocket ship, our loyal fan base.

I promise to not give up and to never quit.  To keep doing the best I can to bring you the best I can.  I will promise the same for everyone here.  Anyone who is not on board with bringing you that will be gone.  Anyone who does not want to put that effort in will be cut.  We are working hard and we are working often.  My personal opinion for the people who write here, if you’re out on this and don’t want to work for it, the ride aint as fun from the ground, but enjoy watching.  It’s more than just a fun hobby on a day-to-day basis, it’s real now.  This is something I and everyone who is willing to work for, takes seriously.  It’s fun to write for you guy’s and I want to be able to bring you more.  I want to be able to go pick up Joe and Kmess and find an office space in Center City where we can work on this everyday to make it huge.  Our goal is to get to that point.  We need you though, click on everything we post, even if you don’t read it, just retweet it I don’t care, I’m a whore for those clicks baby!  We are on the verge of something great and nothing and nobody is going to stand in our way.

This party is gonna keep going on.  Nothing is going to stop it at all.  We will continue to grow and continue to do bigger and better things, make bigger and better contacts and bring you guys some great content.  We love you, we thank you and we will never be able to tell you that enough.  From our Chicago guys, to our Boston people down to our Philly roots.  Thank you.  The show goes on.*

Image result for the show goes on wolf of wall street gif

*This is how I imagine all of the Branded employees right now and Joe at the end.

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