As you already know… I am never wrong. However I may “joke” sometimes… So don’t take last week’s “Cowboys may never win again” rant seriously.

Especially because…


They. Are. Back. What a win! They showed Sunday that they could do a little bit of everything!

Run the ball ✅

Throw the ball ✅

Spread the ball around ✅

Get the the opposing QB ✅

Run a 2 Minute Drill ✅

Hit clutch kicks ✅

Image – Twitter dallascowboys

The Cowboys went into Sunday 1-2… Yes, it was only week 4 but it was basically a must win. If they wanted to keep up with the 2-1 (idle) Redskins and the Eagles who went into Sunday 2-1.

Garrett, Linehan, Zeke and the Boys got the message and said “alright time to turn up!”

Zeke was a Monster. From start to finish against the Lions. He ran for 152 yards on 25 carries, and added 4 catches for 88 yards and a score. Including a huge catch to put the Boys in FG range to win the game.

Get the ball to Zeke. Run him. Throw it to him. FEED HIM.

Image – Twitter dallascowboys

Blue print to win… ZEKE. He is the best back in the league and after this performance regained the league lead in rushing from Todd Gurley.

Dak showed flashes of 2016 Dak on Sunday. And… He finally threw for over 200 yards again!! He has less completions and less attempts than he has been averaging, but has a better game than averaging. He was 17-27 for 255 yards and 2 TD’s.

Image – Twitter dallascowboys

Beasley had a Beasley day with 4 catches for 53 yards. Rookie Micheal Gallup had one of his better games with 2 catches for 45 yards, including one fantastic 37 yard catch. Hurns and Swaim also added 3 catches, however non for Tavon which I didn’t enjoy.

The defense gave up yards and points but still showed flashes of how good they can be. DLAW added 3 more sacks, which gives him 5.5 on the year. He also lead the team with 8 total tackles, 6 solo. Awuize was one behind with 7, Jaylon Smith added 7 and rookie first round pick LVE has 6 tackles of his own.

The defense now gets another “Hot Boy” back this week on their DL. Big man David Irving is back from suspension and eligible to play this week.

The turnovers will come… And when they do watch out!

This is the blueprint to win! Limit Dak’s throws to make him more efficient. Play hard fast defense. And…


The Cowboys head down to Houston to take on the 1-3 Texans, who got their first win in OT against the Colts Sunday. It is the Sunday night game… Where Dallas thrives.

My Cowboys Insider, Matt Yost who is embedded with the team told me: “don’t be surprised if this team goes on a run. They are confident on offense and those Hot Boys are dripping with Swag. Watch out Houston.”

Oh yeah… I forgot. The Eagles lost in OT too and are tied with Dallas at 2-2. And… The Giants just stink out loud and dropped to 1-3.

Be ready NFL… America’s Team is coming!

Image – Twitter dallascowboys

-Kevin “That Guy”

Feature Image – Twitter dallascowboys

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