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A Woman’s Eyeball Exploded at the Ryder Cup

This past weekend at the Ryder Cup, a woman got smoked in the face by a Brooks Koepka drive.  She suffered a broken eye socket, and an exploded eyeball.


I’ll be honest, this is terrible to hear.  One of my worst fears in the world is having my eyeball explode like a mini water balloon.  Ever since that scene in Any Given Sunday where the dude’s eyeball pops out on the field, I’ve had an actual fear of eyeball injuries.

Let’s be frank here.  If I was going to have to eat a drive to the face by a pro golfer, Brooks Koepka would be my last choice.  That dude is a fucking house.  He’s built like a Greek God.  He has the strength of 20 bulls, yet he has the flexibility of a dainty ballerina.  He’s incredible.

I do feel terrible for this woman.  The pain that she must have felt is unimaginable, and now she needs a glass eye.  However, she’s now considering legal action.  That’s a bit ridiculous.  Has she ever driven a golf ball?  Does she know how hard it is to pipe a solid drive?  It’s really really hard to hit it dead straight.  If you’re going to stand front row along the fairway, you need to know that you’re in slight danger of catching a Pro V1 to the dome.

All in all, I hope she’s okay.  She really doesn’t have a case, though.  Shouldn’t have been standing there!!



Featured Photo – @RealworldnewsN





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