Where’s My Branding Iron?

For those who don’t know me, I am Chuckles152, also known as Charlie Alexander, and I’ll be writing for Branded Sports from here on out unless they fire me. About a month and a half ago I learned about this website from some guy named Ru. He wrote a piece on a subject I wrote about as well and to be honest with you I didn’t quite understand his take but he made me laugh. I was like who the Fuck is Ru? Read some more and laughed a bit more. Then the guys here asked me to write and well that’s their mistake because I’m gonna write, a lot. Last week I saw Barstool Gal Ali write a piece, then I saw Ru write a love piece about Ali and I got quite jealous so here I am.

A little about me, I’m a graduate of Drexel University; majored in Communications – Public Relations and Journalism. I was a decent high school wrestler once upon a time and fashion myself a better football and baseball player than I probably really was though I can spin yarns all day about the whacky situations from those days and the big plays I made. I currently coach Wrestling and love what I do with coaching.

I fashion myself a sports radio hopeful and a sports journalist. I came be noticed on twitter when Josh Innes decided to fuck with me on air. He held a contest to replace the great Tony Bruno and since he and I had twitter beef he decided to have me in studio. Prior to that day I had 100 twitter followers, all friends of mine. By the end of his show I had 600 and about 45 trolls who needed to be taken care of. I decided to just keep tweeting and here I am today. I tweet nightly questions about my day on twitter usually somewhere around 10pm. I do this because it’s a great outlet for myself and my followers. Many thank me for keeping it up every day. Still no radio job, but if anyone can help me out there, yeah that’d be appreciated. Weekly I help Luigi Curto out with his Podcast, FunkNFatasy and if you have any time, please tune in. Outside of that if you ever want to ask me a question, my Twitter DMs are open; I’m not the bad guy some have painted me. Oh my username, Dr. Catfish Charlie, inside joke amongst friends, not because I actually catfish people. Also I look nothing like my avi.

Nice things others have said about me:

“Biggest Piece of Trash in Philly Sports Twitter.” – Eytan Shander

“You don’t have enough experience to write at my blog.” – Kyle Scott

“Please leave us alone.” – Co-signed PETA, Scientology, Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers

“No I don’t want to sponsor a brand of hotdog named Ruben Frankfurters.” – Ruben Frank

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