The Patriots Beat the Dolphins so Bad it was Pulled off the Air

The Patriots, in true New England fashion, trounced the Dolphins 38-7 Sunday and things got ugly quick.

Everyone knows that the FCC is not one to mess with when you’re in the broadcast business. Around the midpoint of the third quarter of Sunday’s Pats/Dolphins game, CBS deemed the game a bit too NSFW for the national viewers and pulled the plug to avoid any censorship repercussions.

Smart move by the network because the beatdown was getting a bit grotesque if I’m being honest. Brady dissected Miami as if it were ’07 and the defense was one Brocketship drive away from perfection (too be fair, there’s no stopping that).

Here are some highlights from Sunday that give the rest of the NFL nightmares.

That touchdown pass to White was what got the Pats pulled from the national broadcast. Hard to argue the decision, it was clearly porn. Can’t have that on TV.

This demoralization of Miami brings us to the end of yet another casual September for the Pats. Everyone got to have their fun with the Pats down 1-2 after two abysmal games, but now New England is back, Edelman is back, Josh Gordon is back, Sony Michel is here and more important than all, Brady is happy again.

All is normal in the world. Unfortunately normal brings a familiar problem. Gronk left with an injury.

Not bringing him back into this game was hopefully precautionary and would’ve been unnecessary at that point in the game. No limp is good, but a lingering injury is not what you want for Gronk. The Pats have a short week and I wouldn’t be shocked to see no Gronk with Edelman returning.

With that being said, Jacob Hollister was inactive Sunday and will be needed should Gronk get the week off.

As always, It’s all smiles in New England.

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