Birds Studs and Duds

Each Week I’m gonna share the weeks studs and duds. There was plenty of duds yesterday but I’ve tuned it to 5 that were exceptionally bad.


5. Ronald Darby – Can someone teach this guy how to tackle? For every time I hear someone cry about possibly losing him to free agency I’m gonna drink a shot to help me forget his shoeless tackle attempts.

4. Wendell Smallwood – This has nothing to do with how he ran the ball yesterday. He ran well. This has everything to do with how shitty of a pass protector he can be. Learn to block man and you’ll have a role in this league.

3. Nelson Agholor – I predicted this. I said we don’t want JMatt back because it forces Nelson outside where he’s not comfortable to play. Of course he’s dropping balls again. I won’t make Jmatt one of my duds but did you see him need to get dragged into the field? Pathetic.

2. The Entire Offensive Line – I usually have a rule of thumb that I need to point out whomever was worst but they were all terrible. Kelce missed key blocks, he wasn’t directing traffic well either. The rest is history. Keep letting Carson get hit like that and we may never see him play a full season.

1. Jalen Mills – I was his fan. I stanned for the man because I saw his big play ability. If I see him eat burned on a double move one more fucking time… Actually that’s not the worst: JALEN IF YOU GET UP AND CLAP AND DANCE AFTER GETTING BURNED AND THE DUDE DROPS IT ONE MORE CLUCKING TIME…


5. Carson Wentz – I don’t feel this was a great game but I did feel it was another step in the rift direction for our young signal caller. Let’s get back to last years form soon please.

4. Fletcher Cox – When we see Eagles sacks come from the D Ends we better realize the reason for them. Fletcher is playing like a DPOY. Only problem is Khalil Mack is also playing on the same level.

3. Brandon Graham – Pay the man.

2. Alshon Jeffrey – Last week some dork from a local radio station said Alshon was no longer elite. HA! See the change in offensive movement? Guy opens everything up. Zach Ertz had a day thanks to Alshon.

1. Malcom Jenkins – He was single handedly hell bent in an Eagles victory yesterday. He almost had his way.

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