Angry Boston Man Attacks Giancarlo Stanton

The Red Sox team and the Red Sox fans are frustrated, and I understand why…

The Yankees are coming.

The Yankees are healthy. The Yankees are confident and the Yankees offense is starting to click on all cylinders.

This weekend the Yankees took down the Sox in two straight games. A big part of the Yankees winning lately has been the hotness of Giancarlo Stanton.

Saturday Giancarlo blasted a homer run over the green monster.


A very angry, very douchey Boston man decided to throw the ball back.. Because, that’s what you do.

However, this dude apparently has a better arm than David Price and chucked it right at poor unexpected Giancarlo rounding the bases.

What an asshole. I don’t think this dude could ever make that throw again.

1. He was elevated on the top of the green monster.

2. He was angry. I don’t blame him, it’s ok.

3. It’s like when a mothers baby is in trouble they can lift a car thing.. He was so worked up in that moment he was able to launch it!

Lets analyze:

Image – Twitter TSN_Sports

First, a plain black shirt to a Sox Yanks game… Ok? Look at the poor woman in the hat… She just wants a ball for her grandson, be a gentleman dude, give the woman the ball. But no.

Even his BFF, brown shirt long hair man doesn’t want him to do it. “It’s ok man.. The Sox are falling apart but don’t take it out on Giancarlo!”

He didn’t listen to anyone…

Image – Twitter TSN_Sports

Black shirt dude: “Fuck it.. SEND IT!”

Brown shirt dude: “Noooooo!!!!!!”


Enjoy your 15 minutes of Fame Uncle RICO! “Kids I once threw a ball over the green monster, from a bar and hit Giancarlo in the face”

Because… Stanton and the Yanks ain’t got no time for you.

Go ice your arm bro!

-Kevin “That Guy”

Feature Image – barstoolsports

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