8 Thoughts on the Bears Buc-ing Up the Bucs

Mitchell Trubisky doesn’t have time for your bullshit, people.

The Bears came out and beat the piss out of the Buccaneers yesterday 48-10 in easily the best offensive performance ever put out by a Bears offense and their QB EVER.

I’m not here to totally recap what happened during the game because it was pretty damn self explanatory. But, I did have some thoughts on the shellacking that took place yesterday afternoon at Soldier Field.

“Can you see me now? CAN YOU SEE ME NOW?!” -Brock Lesnar: Why did I pull this quote from Brock Lesnar’s post-fight interview at UFC 87 after he beat the brakes off Heath Herring? Because just as Brock wanted to make sure everyone knew he arrived to the UFC, Mitchell Trubisky is asking everyone if they can see him now – and HOLY SHIT can we see him. Trubisky earned his nickname of “Pretty Boy Assassin” by absolutely torching the Buc’s struggling defense for 6 touchdowns, 354 yards passing, a 154.7 passer rating and 53 yards on the ground. DAMN! My personal favorites of the day were the 39-yard bomb to a wide-open Trey Burton on the opening drive and the 14-yard strike Tru nicely feathered in to Allen Robinson in the corner of the end zone. Just look at the beauty below…

This is the Nagy offense we’ve all been waiting for: I am speaking on behalf of many Bears fans when I say that this is the offense we’ve wanted to see out of Matt Nagy and Co. Damn, did he pull it all out of the bag today. Peep at the final results: 48 points, 483 total yards, 6 passing touchdowns and 28 first downs. I loved everything Swaggy Nagy called today. There were constant openings for Mitch to strike a lethal weapon as he spread the ball out to five different receivers and Nagy was wise to lean on Tarik Cohen for quick runs outside against a tough middle defensive line from the Bucs. Sure, I would have loved to see Jordan Howard get some more love in today’s beatdown, but the gameplan allowed for Nagy to do whatever the fuck he wanted – and clearly he did something right letting Mitch sling the Duke around.

I don’t know how good this defense is: While this game FOR SURE was Mitchell Trubisky’s day, he wouldn’t have been able to have his monster performance so comfortably if it weren’t for his badass teammates on the other side of the ball. Man, this unit continues to mind fuck me every week with how good they are. The boys snagged 3 more interceptions yesterday and piled up another 4 sacks for a total loss of 20 yards. Khalil Mack continued adding to his campaign for NFL Defensive Player of the Year with another strip sack and he tipped the ball that caused Jameis Winston’s interception to Danny Trevathan. Also, they once again stuffed the shit out of another team’s run game and only 60 yards allowed. On top of all that, all this came against a Bucs squad that had the #1 offense in the league coming into the game. I love these guys.

The secondary turned in their best performance: I want to give some love to the Bears’ secondary who turned in easily their best performance to date. Kyle Fuller manned up and limited Mike Evans to 59 yards, undrafted free agent Kevin Tolliver II turned in a nice first career start with 7 tackles and Eddie Jackson nabbed his second interception of the year. The guys in the secondary stepped up against a tough receiving unit and only gave up one bad play when DeSean Jackson busted out for a 48-yard gain (which accounted for the majority of his 122 yards). Vic Fangio can rest easy knowing he has some depth to call on in the corners if someone ever goes out with an injury. Let’s hope Prince Amukamara comes back from his hamstring injury soon and re-joins the defensive party.

Akiem Hicks…C’MON MAN!: If there was one negative of the game, it was Akiem Hicks’ bonehead decision to shove a referee…you just can’t do that shit. According to Matt Nagy, Hicks was immediately apologetic about being a dumbass and knows he fucked up. I just hope his ass doesn’t get suspended. However, I think I know the real reason Hicks took himself out of the game…

Bilal Nichols had to EAT: I’ve got a new favorite dark horse Chicago Bear and his name is Bilal Nichols. The rookie defensive tackle out of Delaware had a breakout game against the Bucs, registering a bruising 0.5 sack with Roy Robertson-Harris and 2 tackles-for-loss. One of those tackles-for-loss came right after the sack when Nichols crushed fellow rookie Ronald Jones for a 4 yard loss. Clearly, Akiem wanted to just get out of the game and let Bilal have part of the spotlight.

Bilal Nichols
Image: Bilal Nichols Twitter

Aaron Lynch is looking damn good, too: I tell you what, the Khalil Mack trade is far and away the biggest pickup of the offseason…but Aaron Lynch is looking like a great pickup by Ryan Pace. The Return of The Mack has allowed Lynch to take advantage of one-on-one matchups with offensive linemen and the stats have showed, the Mustached Killer has 2 sacks, 5 tackles and 1 interception this season as a rotational edge rusher. I can’t wait for this dude to keep piling up stats when he comes in for Khalil Mack or Leonard Floyd. That pick he had today was pretty damn sweet.

Aaron Lynch
Image: Chicago Bears YouTube

Ryan Pace has to be smiling ear-to-ear after yesterday: Besides Mitchell Trubisky, nobody was happier today than Bears GM Ryan Pace. Say what you want about the man, but the product he’s put together is looking pretty damn good so far. What’s great for him is every part of his building of the Bears is coming together – the draft picks he’s stockpiled over the years are starting to blossom into key players, his free agent acquisitions are looking worth the cash and Khalil Mack is DEFINITELY worth trading two 1st round picks. Let’s hope the Bears come off their bye week and mess up the Miami Dolphins on the road.

Ryan Pace smiling
Image: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

As for now, I’m enjoying the hell out of this win. Bear Down baby!!!

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Featured Image: Chicago Bears Twitter

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