Six Pack Sunday: The Hottest Member of The Hottest Team In The NFL

For those of you new to this column (should be just about everyone), you’re probably thinking “oh great, a new girl blogger from Boston who wants to talk about how hot Tom Brady and Julian Edelman are.” And you are totally correct. But I have an open mind, and obviously pretty good taste (as long as we all promise not to go back to my Aaron Hernandez blogs). And if you’re a guy, trust me you’re going to want to stick around for the Instagram model girlfriends.

This honor is bestowed upon pretty much anyone I want. Through the years we’ve had the likes of Danny Amendola (before he was mainstream), Saquon Barkley, Mychal Kendricks, Zach Ertz and the ladies favorite Ed Hochuli.

This week we’re taking a look at the NFL’s hottest team and the hot coach that made them that way.

It is no longer up for debate who is the best football coach of all time is. And now it’s no longer up for debate who is the hottest. The Los Angeles Rams have started the season on fire, so maybe 2018 is the finally the year hot people win something.

Last year, the Rams hired Sean McVay as the youngest head coach in NFL history. He was 30, which is coincidentally the exact same age I am right now, as I write this blog from my couch. Within a year the Rams went from the lowest scoring offense in the league to the highest. It seemed risky for the Rams, a team in the process of moving from St. Louis to Los Angeles, to hire the youngest head coach with little NFL experience to go along with a number 1 draft pick in Jared Goff, who was selected by Jeff Fisher a year prior.

The Rams looked promising in their first year under Sean McVay, winning their division for the first time since 2003, and making the playoffs for the first time since 1989, when McVay was 3 years old. Sean McVay was named Coach of The Year, and he’s been winning ever since. During the offseason, the Rams signed former Patriot Brandin Cooks, signed Aaron Donald to a monster contract, and didn’t estrange their star running back Todd Gurley (yet). With a receiving core of Cooks, Robert Woods, and instant legend Cooper Kupp, the Rams offense has been as hot as Sean McVay’s face, and that’s pretty hot. The Greatest Show On Turf 2 if you will (and I will).

With his chiseled face and effortlessly gelled full head of hair which would have had me drawing hearts on my high school notebooks, McVay is perfect for Los Angeles. If the Rams hiring process was anything like Tinder, and I like to imagine it was, they hit the jackpot with Sean McVay.

It’s hard to imagine that I am roughly the same age as an NFL head coach. It’s even more depressing to realize that Jared Goff was 7 years old when Tom Brady won his first Superbowl, against the Rams. If you add up the respective ages of McVay and Goff, they are still younger than more than 10 head coaches.

So what’s the youngest NFL coach of all time, living in LA, home of the most thots, supposed to do with himself? Find an Intagram model to date so your players respect the fuck out of you? Well, yes, that’s exactly what you do.

Sean McVay’s girlfriend is 28 year old Ukrainian model, Veronika Khomym. I don’t even think you need to see her picture to imagine what she looks like because that’s such a hot name. In Spanish class growing up we always had to pick a Spanish nickname. People picked versions of their own name, their middle name, and the guys chose names like Nacho. I always went with Veronica because I hoped it would force people to think I’m hot. But Veronika with a k??? She’ll be getting a flat tummy tea deal very soon although she definitely doesn’t need it.

I’m actually not convinced that last photo isn’t just a weird angle picture of a Barbie on the edge of Runyon Canyon with how bad the photoshop is.

The completely average looking pair of people my age has been stunting all over Instagram since at least 2016 when McVay was with the Redskins. Not quite on the level of Bill Belichick and girlfriend Linda Holiday on the cover of Nantucket Magazine, but close.

I’m sure these two will remain deeply in love for a long time, or at least for as long as Sean McVay keeps the Rams in the playoffs.

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