Lindsay Lohan “Attacked”

Last night America’s Former Sweetheart, Lindsay Lohan, went live on instagram with what became a really awkward and for her, a scary video. She was in Moscow, Russia and came across a refugee family sleeping on the sidewalk from what I gathered to be Pakistan. Originally I believe Lindsay says Syria but they do correct her. After about 8 minutes of Lindsay offering the family a hotel room they finally start to flee from her. She accuses the parents of trafficking the children and as she follows closely the mother turns around and throws Lindsay to the ground.

The real surprise in her instagram live video is that Lindsay seems to have command of both the Russian and Arabic languages. Further review of her instagram shows she has “Salaam Alaikum” in her profile which means “Peace Be Upon You”. Peace be upon you as well Lindsay and let’s just not go up to homeless people and beg them to come with us anymore.

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