Khalil Mack and Daniel Palka Need to be Best Friends

I love nothing more than when Chicago teams have each other’s backs during the season or are outright fans of each other. From bromances to cheering each other on, I love that shit…

Which is why Chicago Bears MVP outside linebacker Khalil Mack and rookie White Sox outfielder Daniel Palka need to be best friends. 

In case you haven’t seen, Palka has made it very clear he’s a huge fan of The Mack. Whenever he has a chance to watch the Bears play, Palka can’t get enough of #52’s sheer dominance on the gridiron. Look at the love below…

This shaping up to become the next best team-crossover bromance the city has ever seen and I’m all for it. The Mack Attack teaming up with Pulk Smash? Imagine these two running around town and tearing up downtown Chicago (in celebration and out of season, of course).

Better yet, they’d make great guest appearances on the parade buses for when the Bears win the Super Bowl and the White Sox win the World Series.

All I’m saying is…these dudes need to do karate in the garage and become best friends, Step Brothers-style.

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Featured Image: Content Created from Daniel Palka Twitter and Quinn Harris/Getty Images

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