Friday Night Frights!!

Here we are ladies and gents! It’s Friday night and that means it’s time for some frights! This week’s recommendation comes yet again from a movie recommended to me by my smoke show girlfriend. It’s a movie that not only has some pretty terrifying imagery and concepts, but also has a great story and twist at the end.  As we know the Netflix produced films can be pretty hit or miss but I have to say this one is definitely a hit! When we were younger (and hell even now), I think we all thought about what it would be like if dreams could be real. We could have pet dinosaurs, endless money, be a super hero, or have sex with Kimberly the pink Mighty Morphin Power Ranger! However, if that was possible, so would be the not so fun things. The nightmares of losing someone we love, giant monsters, murderers, or even being stuck in class naked. What would it be like if the things we dreamt of, were manifested in real life? This week’s movie is Netflix Original “Before I Wake”.

This movie is a good supernatural suspense film. It does a terrific job of tearing you in different emotional directions that range from fear to compassion. The main character is a child (automatic creepy points when a child is the focus) named Cody. He is brought in to a new home by his foster parents Mark and Jessie, who previously had a child who had died at a young age. Cody tells Jessie that he is terrified to fall asleep. She just chalks it up as normal kid stuff, but once he falls asleep is when shit starts getting trippy as balls (seriously if you…. partake in certain extracurricular activities, maybe you should do so prior to/while watching this movie) and eventually, downright horrifying. The imagery in this film is fantastic and at points mesmerizing. Whether it’s the innocent dreams, or the night terrors, the visions will stick with you. I won’t get any further into the story as to avoid spoilers but believe me it’s well told and the explanation behind certain things is well written.

This movie is definitely on the better end of the Netflix original horror films. It has great visuals, a great story, and even more surprising, a great ending. Let’s be honest nothing is more frustrating than a shit ending and that’s something that many a horror film suffers from. This movie about a living nightmare is anything but a nightmare itself and quite frankly, may leave you with some of your own. Let’s hope that you’re fortunate enough for them to stay a dream.


Rating: *4.5 Butthole Puckers *


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