Rockies Pitcher Ks 8 Straight Phillies, Tying An MLB Record

The Phillies suck right now. As late as August 8th they were 15 games over .500 at 64-49, first in the NL East and looked like a playoff lock. Since then they are 14-31 and also a complete dumpster fire. Gabe is nothing short of an idiot that is in way over his head. I pray to the baseball Gods he hasn’t scared away Bryce Harper but if I’m being realistic they are must likely going to sign JA Happ this off season and pretend that’s enough.

I hate this team.

So to add insult to pile of shit, last night Rockies right-hander German Marquez started the game by striking out 8 straight. Grrrrrreeeeaat. It ties a modern day record with Astros’ Jim Deshaies (Sept. 23, 1986) and the Mets’ Jacob deGrom (Sept. 15, 2014).

German Marquez ties the MLB record with his 8th straight strike-out. from baseball

E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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