Insane Mets Stat From Last Night

Jacob deGrom is a monster, that pains me to say that being a Phillies fan but facts are facts. Last night he locked up the Cy Young. He finished the year with a winning record, an ERA under 2.00 and also got his 1000th strikeout last night. He’s 10th all time on the Met’s strikeout list but he is getting there WAAAAAAAYY faster than anyone else. Dude is a beast.

But last night during the broadcast they dropped an insane stat. 5% of all MLB games this season have been 0-0 after the 5th inning. Of those games, 25% are Jacob deGrom’s games. 8 of the 32 games to be exact. That is nuts. He is that good and the Met’s offense is that bad. Give him the Cy Young now and don’t you dare try and hold his shitty team against him.

Anyway that’s the first and last time I New York Met blog in a positive light.

Featured Image: NY Post

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