Top 10 Fictional Sports Coaches of All Time

Back by popular demand… The Kmess Top 10 segment. If you recall from the summer I put out my Power Rankings of the Top 10 Fictional Sports Teams of All Time…

Top 10 Fictional Sports Teams

The list drew so much discussion and debate that the people wanted more! So, I added to the list and pushed it out to Top 20 All Time…

11-20 Fictional Sports Teams

Now I want to switch gears and focus on the people who run the fictional sports teams.

I give you my Top 10 Fictional Sports Coaches of All Time.

10. Jimmy McGinty (Washington Sentinals)

Coach McGinty was faced with the task of bringing together a band of misfits to play football. A team of replacements full of a sumo wrestler, a smoking kicker, criminals, Shane Falco and of course the distraction of stripper cheerleaders. But good coaches never back down. “Heart, miles and miles of heart.” –Coach McGinty

9. Uchiyama (Nagoya Dragons)

If you don’t know about Uchiyama and the Nagoya Dragons, I am sad for you. Go watch Mr. Baseball. Very underrated funny sports movie. He coaches baseball in the Japanese league and has to mesh with washed up MLB players. “Lets go kick ass!” –Uchiyama

8. Danny O’Shea (Little Giants)

Another underdog team lead by… Well… Not the best athlete in the world. Or the best coach in the world. Or a guy who really knew anything about football.. But he knew his team and knew what it took to win?

7. Patches O’Houlihan (Average Joes)

Patches… May he Rest In Peace, taught us so much about Dodgeball. “If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball.” He lead and inspired this underdog team… All the way!

6. Chubbs Peterson (Happy Gilmore)

Chubbs was a hell of a golfer… Until that damn gator took his hand. But he still knows talent when he sees it! He taught us all that it’s “all in the hips, all in the hips baby” I wish I had a coach like Chubbs to get my golf game in line.

5. Irv Blitzer (Cool Runnings)

Irv was a hell of a Bobsledder. But a shamed Bobsledder for cheating. So he did what all of us would do and ran away to a beautiful island! He was ahead of his time and knew he could turn fast Jamaican sprinters into championship Bobsledder!

4. Mickey Goldmill (Rocky)

We all love Mick! He turned a bum into a champ! Helped Rocky become the greatest fake boxer in history! Philadelphia’s chosen son! He’s brash, he’s bold, he’s an asshole… And we love him for it! Broads make ya weak in the knees!” –Mickey

3. Gordon Bombay (Mighty Ducks/Team USA)

This is where it gets tough. The top 3. Gordon Bombay could easily be 1, his team is… A failed hockey player turned lawyer turned peewee coach. Won a championship for the Ducks and a Championship for America. He didn’t love the kids to start but would find out he was lost without them!

2. Tony D’Amato (Miami Sharks)

Coach D’Amato has winning in his blood. Coaching in his blood. Football in his blood. But he’s coming to the twilight of his career, can he keep up with changes in the game? Tony delivered the greatest speech in sports history..

1. Eric Taylor (Dillon Panthers)

Coach Taylor is the greatest fictional person of all time. I want to be him. He’s a family man, great husband, great father, even better coach to the team and community. He does it all, and does it with clear eyes and a full heart, because…

“Clear Eyes, Full Heart… CAN’T LOSE”

That is my list because that is my list. Disagree? Let me know, won’t change my mind but maybe I’ll have to add 11-20 again.

-Kevin “That Guy”

Feature Image – Grantland

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