This Celtics Team Already Has the Feel of a Group Ready to Win it All

Tuesday marked the NBA media day which means we got some Celtics gems from the new Auerbach training facility. That old magic cigar smoke must be funneled into that place because one day in to training camp we already have Kyrie hitting game winners in scrimmages.

Some intensity in team scrimmages on day one will make anyone who knows anything about the 2008 team make a mess of their shorts. For the folks in the back that apparently were asleep for an entire year back then, the Celtics hardest competition all season was with themselves during practice. Pierce was dragging his horse legs through the paint into someones chest while KG was screamed something sweet nothings into teammates ears nearly everyday that season. That focus and intensity made for an unbelievable championship run.

Now we have a new crew, younger, a little more friendly, but dogs nonetheless under Stevens tutelage. And boy do they look sexy.

Last season we were deprived of seeing what this group can do and finally the product is here. It’s nice to see plans culminate in such a quick timeframe, shout out the “process”. Up in Boston we like progress…and rings.

Here’s the latest Gordon Hayward progress from Tuesday while we’re on the subject.

Based on this and his latest blog post, it seems he’s made a full recovery from a health standpoint. Some preseason work and scrimmages in practice trying to keep up with the Marcus Smarts of the world should have him mentally ready come day one of the regular season.

This team is special. The have young talent, a few ultra-valuable veterans in Hereford, Kyrie and Hayward as well as a head coach with the same mentality of another evil genius we’re quite familiar with in these parts.

From the beginning this Celtics group was very much designed like the Warriors. Brilliant head coach, strong bench and bonafide superstars in the starting five. This is the year I think we break through that mold and overtake the big boys in Oakland. The East is easy pickings and should make for a great appetizer to the main course which will be the Celtics pulling through and beating the Warriors in the Finals. Mark it down.

And the cherry on top? Well that’s Kyrie confirming what I’ve said this entire time, he’s here for the long haul.

He’s the motor that makes the train move and this is only the beginning of the trip. You could be seeing the official start of the next great Celtics dynasty.

Feature Image via NBA Twitter

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