Second Trailer For Creed 2 Has Been Released And I Have Goosebumps

I am shaking right now.  I love the Rocky franchise more than I have ever loved anything.  Rocky for me is like a best friend.  I grew up watching it.  Before hockey games my Dad would throw Rocky into the DVR and I’d watch.  As a young man it was a great boxing movie for me.  This underdog, undersized Italian man who was much like myself undersized and Italian who was never given a shot got his chance and made the most of it and won.  As I grew up Rocky changed for me.  He was still an undersized underdog Italian but now it was more.  Rocky became a man with nothing, no family no money and nobody to love.  He was doing everything he could to scrape by.  He never gave up on his dream and that wasn’t winning the heavyweight title, it was Adrian.  He did everything to get her and be with her, he loved her.  Rocky is a love story with some boxing at the end.  It’s an underdog story of life.  Rocky is something that all men and women can look at and find inspiration from.  No matter where you are in your life, keep pushing.  That’s the message, you’re going to be knocked down but never give up.

That message continues with the second installment of Creed.  The same Rocky theme with a new twist.  This time Ivan Drago has returned with his son and Adonis Johnson (Creed) is looking to avenge his father’s death “Change history”  Now he has a son and a wife to worry about and Rocky doesn’t want him to go through with it.  Ivan returns and him and Rocky have a stare down in this second trailer that sends shivers down my spine.

Nothing touches your emotions quite like Rocky.  I can not wait for this movie to come out.  Rocky telling Adonis that Victor Drago has been raised in hate.  Adonis telling Rocky he has no choice.  It gets the juices flowing and I can’t get enough.  I love this movie, I love this franchise and I love the best teacher I’ve never met Rocky Balboa.

I’m rocking with Linda Cohn on this one.  Dont blink.

Here is the first trailer

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