Cause For Concern? Nick Ru’s New Fandom

As many of you know, Nick Ru was not pleased with the ‘U’ Miami. So much so, he decided to sell his fandom to the highest bidder.

Nick selling

I completely understand why he wanted to sell. Miami’s downfall was evident in 2017, which ended with a 3 game losing streak including a loss to Wisconsin in the Orange Bowl. Basically a home game for Miami. This year, Miami started the season with a tough loss against LSU. In retrospect, LSU is a pretty good team, who also took down Auburn, and now sitting ranked at #5. Miami has won every game since then, and looks to win out the rest of the year. However, the damage was done, Nick was finished with Miami.

After an intense bidding war, someone bought his fandom. Ru - Penn State

I haven’t seen a deal like that since..


But which team? Alabama? Texas? Louisiana Monroe? Nope! The winning bid was from a Penn State fan. A man of his word, Nick Ru declared he will now be a Penn State fan. As a Penn State fan/alum, I’m very happy for Nick, I love having a fellow Penn State fan at Branded Sports. I welcomed him with open arms and gladly accepted his new found fandom.

However, I’m concerned he might be struggling with his new PSU fandom. It’s not easy cheering for a new team at the drop of a hat. I’ve never experienced this, Penn State Football has been my whole life, and I’ll never abandon them. I stuck with Penn State through the dark times, nothing will make me cheer for anyone else. To help him, here are some great moments from Penn State’s history.

I hope he enjoys being a member of Nittany Nation. I’m behind him here for him 100%.

P.S. Every year I pick one game and host a big Penn State party. This year it’s the Ohio State game. Hopefully he shows up in his finest Blue and White. Please bring a covered dish.

P.P.S I look forward to reading his blog about the big game this weekend!

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