Alshon Jeffery Cleared For Contact

LET IT BEGIN, LET IT BEGIN!!! Alshon is finally back and ready to go and here to make our wideout core something special again.  I find it funny the “popular” Journalists in this city love to say how he ha lost a step, how his production has decreased and he isn’t the same.  That is stupid speak.  As we know the journalists in this city love to have things both ways.  Alshon is the savior on one hand and on the other hand he has lost a step even though he played all last year with a torn rotator cuff.  You can never win as an athlete with these people.  WHo cares though, pieces are coming back, Wentz is going for 350+ this Sunday and Alshon with 70+ and 2TD’s.  Book it baby!! Lets take a look at twitters reaction to the news

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