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Hello there! Everyone’s favorite Patriots, Lakers, Yankees fan on the internet here. I like to get that out of the way early because it’s usually the biggest point of contention in my life. I have woman-splained this to countless naysayers over the years so if you need any clarification on the nature and origins of my sports fandom, set aside a full hour.


I am also known as the Girl Who Likes Sports. Ever since I fell in love with Kobe Bryant at age 10, all I ever wanted to do was become a locker room reporter to interview Kobe while possibly shirtless after a game. Now that dream has come and gone, but I still feel the desire to find my place in the sports media landscape. As you can imagine this has certainly been challenging for someone who covers mostly the Patriots and Lakers in the general Boston area, let alone a woman. But I built up a thick skin doing things like watching the 2010 NBA Finals in various Boston bars wearing my purple and gold Lakers gear during college, so I had a head start on the internet trolls. Try fending off a group of blacked out Masshole frat guys after Ron Artest shoots a dagger 3 and throws his arms in the air.

I started my blog, aptly titled GirlWhoLikesSports about 7 years ago. I am a huge Stoolie and have often felt that particular website was the only outlet for someone with my style of humor. I want to cover sports, but the idea of writing a season preview or analyzing keys to the game makes my brain melt.

I spent years writing content that I personally enjoyed and likely only my mom read (hi mom!!!). I have given a well documented eulogy to my former future husband Aaron Hernandez, covered many Gronkpressions, and kept my fellow Girls Who Like Sports abreast of the hottest athletes in the game with my Six Pack Sunday features. I am excited to bring this and more to Branded Sports! One can only hope I don’t also bring the black cloud that often follows me into the mix, but I can’t make any promises.

After watching Season 1 of Barstool Idol, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass by again. I firmly have no grasp on what the hell I am doing with my life, so entering my name into the ring was a no-brainer. This video was the one that got me to Day 1 of Barstool Idol auditions, and obviously my effortless charm and desperation were what got me to Idol Week.

As the only girl competing against a group of white male comedians for a job at a blogging company, I thought I had an advantage. But as it turns out, you didn’t actually need to know how to blog to win the competition, so I was cut on the 2nd day for not being extremely electric on camera (direct quote from Portnoy which I think just means I wasn’t hot enough). If you followed Idol Week you will undoubtedly remember Michigan Man, who rose to fame after have numerous meltdowns at the live elimination that sent me packing. Yes, that’s right, Michigan Man outlasted me at Barstool Idol.

Cementing my place in Barstool historic folklore, Michigan Man just didn’t want to let “the girl” go in peace and a star was born at my expense.

While I feared my only claim to fame would be being “the girl” eliminated on Day 2 in Season 2 of Barstool Idol, I am so thankful that someone other than my mom may be reading! You know what they always say, one blogs trash is another blogs treasure. It means a lot to me and I’m so excited to join the Branded Sports fam! I look forward to you all joining me on this upcoming journey of accepting LeBron James as a Los Angeles Laker.

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