Ali Writing For Branded Make’s Me Insecure

Today we made an announcement that Ali former Barstool Idol contestant would be writing for Branded. I am all of a sudden feeling very insecure and kind of like I need to lash out, but also have a fear that in a debate (which I always win around here) she would beat me.  I don’t really know how to handle it.  Ali’s opening blog was very good, it was very funny and made me laugh.  Her video of why Barstool should have her is also very funny..

It actually made me laugh.  The reason I feel insecure is because Ali might be funnier than me.  That makes me feel weird.  I always felt like my role at Branded was the funny outlandish guy, kind of the man of the blog, the go to guy for the entire group, maybe I have a complex or maybe that’s just the way it is after writing  hits like, are you projecting your views on women via oral sex and the worst things in porn let’s not forget my award-winning blog on pregnancy sex.  All of those are great but Ali has been in the big leagues, She’s been on camera in front of millions who cares if she didn’t win Barstool Idol.  Let’s be honest nobody was beating the young mantis.

Nobody was beating him, it was never going to happen no matter what she did.  I would never have the balls to do Barstol Idol nor would I ever have a chance to win something like that.  Dave Portnoy even came out and said during the infamous Michigan Man moment that Ali is a great writer and very funny.  How do I not feel insecure over that?  You know who tells me I’m a good writer?  Nobody.  Ali is a Lakers, Yankees, Pats fan and that’s gross but with that come’s a ton of swag that I can’t compete with.  Ali can do a lot for Branded and she’s going to be very good at what she does, and that makes me feel insecure mostly because I’m a man and a woman is funnier than me.  I’m not sure how I’ll recover from this or if I will recover.  Best of luck Ali, you’re the man of the blog now.

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