The Question Needs To Be Asked: Is Tiger Woods The Best Boyfriend Ever?

The fast and short answer is obviously yes. On Sunday after Tiger won his first PGA Tour event in 5 years he embraced with his girlfriend Erica Herman for the entire world to see. He even whispered, “I love you” right before they locked lips. It was obvious at that moment Tiger had reclaimed his spot as the greatest golfer in the world but also the most loving and romantic man as well.

If you don’t agree, let me break it down for you.

First off, Erica Herman is no looker. She is extremely ordinary.

Image: Daily Express

Some are even calling her ugly. I won’t say ugly because I am a gentleman but she sure isn’t a 10. This says a lot about Tiger. He could have the pick of the litter and instead he went with miss Herman the woman with a face as blah as her name. That shows the mature respect he has for women.

Another thing that struck me when it comes to Erica, she’s 33 years old. Once again T-Woods could be scooping up some 21 or 22 year olds but would rather follow his heart. It’s actually really brave of him to go out on a limb for her like that. Who said chivalry is dead?

Last detail with Erica here. So we’ve already established Tiger isn’t in it for her looks. He’s a much deeper soul than to just judge a book by its very plain Jane cover. So could it be that Tiger is in it for her money? Woods finished last season ranked 1,193 in the world. Not a lot of checks being made out to that guy, sure would be nice to have a sugar mama right? WRONG.

Tiger doesn’t care about money. He’d rather be poor with Erica than rich with a bunch of other bimbos. How do I know this? Because Erica used to work at one of Tiger’s restaurants before officially dating Tiger. Think about it, no one just goes into restaurants picking up hostess and waitresses. Especially someone of Tiger’s stature. You think he’s going into a Ruby Tuesday or like, I don’t know, a Perkins to find his love interest? You’re crazy.

I will leave you with this last bit of evidence in why Tiger is the greatest boyfriend of all time. Yesterday the couple arrived in Paris and got off their jet in matching pantsuits.

Everyone knows that only a great boyfriend does the matching costume thing for their girlfriend. It’s the ultimate sign that what you have is the most pure form of love. No guy wants to go to a Halloween party dressed as his girlfriend’s favorite Disney prince but he will if he loves her. Or she looks good in that Jasmine dress. In this case replace that dress with a pants suit that would make Hilary proud.

So cheers to the happy couple! As long as she doesn’t do anything to mess this up, I don’t see why they won’t make it.

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D Joe
April 17, 2019 9:45 am

Heieeee,..don’t know about all that