It Should Be No Surprise Gritty Shot Someone With The T-Shirt Gun First Day On The Job

We all remember Gritty from yesterday right? The big orange ball of madness with nothing but murder on his mind.

Bone chillingly terrifying. If you stare at this picture and just focus on the eyes you can literally feel your blood pressure rise. I’m not sure who thought him up but I’m more concerned with who approved it. Some fresh out of college intern that was blacked out the night before probably real quick sketched this up 5 minutes before a meeting he forgot about. After that some old asshole without an understanding on how twitter works stamped it with approval and here we are.

So first day on the job for this nightmare come to life was last night during a preseason game. How’s it go you ask? First he fell on his ass.

Then he fell on his ass again.

Until finally he couldn’t take anymore and decided to commit attempted murder on this poor fella who I assume was only put on the ice to help keep Gritty vertical.

Color me shocked. Thankfully this is only a preseason game. Before we know it he’ll be flying around the ice with ease and burying bodies under section 102. Oh Gritty.

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